Icom IC-705 to Elecraft T1

The Elecraft T1 is a nice little tuner but to have it to automatically be controlled by the Icom IC-705 you need a little magic. While surfing the net i found a guy who had created some magic with a few components and a PIC. For myself to have some practice in creating PCBs and to try out a, for me, new PCB-manufacturer from Europe (https://aisler.net/) i made my own PCB bord. The cost with freight was about 160:- SEK (16€) for three boards.

I had a hard time to find the 12LF1822 PIC in a thru-hole version in Europe, so i ordered the components from DigiKey. A Cr2032 holder is placed on the bottom of the PCB so the pins from the components on the font side has to be cut short. If it do not work i can just solder some cables to the holes instead.

Now i just have to find someone with a PIC-programmer.

The T1 controller is still a work in progress so check the original webpage for updates to both the circuit and the code: https://amateur-radio.cocolog-nifty.com/

Circuit diagram: https://amateur-radio.cocolog-nifty.com/photos/uncategorized/circuit.jpg
Code: https://amateur-radio.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2020/11/post-d10396.html

Gerber Files: http://slas.se/Ic-705%20to%20Elecraft%20T1%202020-12-26_18-22-34.zip



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